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Safety Consultancy

Managing your sites with COVID-19 presents a new range of challenges for any employer. Social distancing, hygiene facilities, welfare, etc. all impact on the working arrangements. With an independent review of your site safety, you’ll not only fulfil legal obligations under CDM2015, but by ensuring they meet or exceed Public Health England guidelines you’ll be helping your employees to feel safer in their workplace.

Discover where you need to improve

Our consultant will walk the site with you or your senior site representative (at an acceptable distance). They’ll discuss the current situation as well as how the site will develop and look at your arrangements for keeping people safe from the Coronavirus.

Offsite, we will then review some of the relevant site documentation (and subcontractor’s documentation) and make constructive comments as necessary. We will close out with a comprehensive report and timed action plan which will be emailed to you and your site manager.

Educating your staff

The inspection of sites should be an integral part of the ongoing education and training process for your staff. Depending on the space and circumstances we will offer a toolbox talk on a subject of your choice, including Covid-19 and Mental Health Awareness. Our aim is to increase the health and safety knowledge of your site team.


Quality Control System

We are completely focused on developing, implementing and supporting management and workflow.

Highly Professional

Personalized customer service, lessons learnt from similar projects, rapid turn-around and by providing highest quality resources.